Perception of "Prophet" in Primary, Secondary and High School Students




Peygamber, Peygamber algısı, Metafor, Mecaz, İlköğretim ve Ortaöğretim .


In this study, it was aimed to reveal the perceptions of primary, secondary and high school students regarding the concept of "prophet" through metaphors. In the structured interview forms applied to primary, secondary and high school students, the question "What do you understand by the word Prophet?" If you were to compare it to a living thing or an object, what would you compare it to? Why?" They were asked to answer questions, and in the light of the information obtained, the correct and incorrect meanings that the students attributed to the concept of "prophet" were examined through metaphors, using a basic qualitative research design. Codes were created with the data obtained, and then sub-themes and themes were reached. The study was completed with a total of 562 students from primary, secondary and high school levels, and the meanings created by the concept of "Prophet" in the minds of primary and secondary school students; The characteristics of the prophet outside his duty were evaluated under six categories/themes: physical characteristics, inter-individual relations, value and character traits, prophetic attributes and meaning.



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KILIÇ, F. N., & ARSLAN, E. (2024). Perception of "Prophet" in Primary, Secondary and High School Students. International Journal of Values in Education and Society, 2(1).