Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism Check
The International Journal of Values in Education and Society obliges every work that has gone through the "Blind Peer Review Process" to be checked for plagiarism in order to preserve its integrity. In this context, Turkish and English copies of each study are checked for plagiarism by a company approved by the editorial board. Financial responsibilities within the scope of the audit belong to the author(s).
Plagiarism checking is done through Turnitin and iThenticate software. The matches of each study, which are revealed through the software, are examined in depth and the matches with the correct reference and attribution are selected. As a result of the selection, the remaining matches are examined, errors are detected and reported to the editorial board. The editorial board makes the final decision about the work in the light of the plagiarism inspection report of each work. The authors may be asked to correct the errors in the report or the work may be returned to the authors.

Bibliography, Citation and Citation Control
Scientific research builds on previous work. References are made in the studies carried out by making references and references to previous studies within the framework of certain rules. Errors made intentionally or unintentionally in scientific studies damage the reliability of the study and publication.
The International Journal of Values in Education and Society considers it a necessity to give correct and complete references and citations of the studies accepted as a result of the evaluation within the scope of publication ethics. In this context, after each study is accepted, it is checked for bibliography, reference and attribution by a company approved by the editorial board. The material responsibility of the control performed belongs to the author(s).
Bibliography, citation and citation control of accepted studies are carried out in the following steps for the full text in Turkish and English:
• Bibliography is prepared in accordance with the procedures and principles in the 6th Edition of the APA Citation Rules.
• It is checked whether the in-text references for each reference in the bibliography are given in accordance with the procedures and principles, and the incorrect ones are corrected.
• The citations of in-text references are checked. The missing ones are requested from the authors, the wrong ones are corrected.
The principles and procedures of citing references in Turkish for the full text in Turkish and in English for the full text in English are taken into account.